Receiving Stolen Property


This area of criminal law can be tricky. One of the main reasons why, is because, in part, it requires the Commonwealth to show that the individual knew that the property was in some way stolen or embezzled. 

Receiving stolen property does not require that the individual buy the property. This crime can also be accomplished if the individual is aiding someone else to conceal the property.

In addition to what the individual knew about the property, the value of the property is important. If the value of the property is less than $1,200.00 it can result in up to 2 ½ years in jail or the house of corrections or by a fine of $3,000.00. If the value is over $1,200.00 it can result in 5 years in state prison, 2 ½ years in the house of corrections or by a fine of $5000.00. An individual can also be charged with subsequent offenses for receiving stolen property thereby increasing the penalties. 

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