Student Defense and Title IX Claims


College is a milestone in most people’s lives. There was a lot of hard work and effort made to be able to get to that point: filling out applications, taking exams, and applying for scholarships. This should be one’s most exciting times in their lives. 


Even good people make mistakes. If a student is charged with a crime, or is under investigation, it could have severe consequences. Scholarships could be unrenewable or withdrawn, the student could become ineligible for collegiate athletics, and the school could expel the student. Even allegations of plagiarism, cheating, or hazing within the school can result in a disciplinary hearing and sanctions. Don’t let one mistake determine the rest of your life. Criminal charges, or school investigations, no matter how small one may think they are, are very important to address before it’s too late.  

Bisson Law has represented students at both ivy league university and college disciplinary hearings. Bisson Law will work closely with you and the school to obtain the best possible outcome. 

If you have been informed of a disciplinary hearing against you, make sure you know your rights and get the representation that you deserve; contact BISSON LAW today!